Filing a Claim

Documenting and Preparing an Insurance Claim
There are numerous factors to be considered when documenting and preparing an insurance claim. When evaluating a loss, both the scope and the value of damages are established through subjective professional computation. Rarely, if ever, does the insurance company’s calculations mirror the insured’s point of view.

Failure to understand these factors can mean the difference between a settlement that makes you whole and one that doesn’t.

An insurance claim involves establishing a specific monetary value for each item lost; this determines the basis for achieving an equitable settlement. The fact is that the claim estimating and valuation process is based upon each adjuster’s subjective analysis. Our business is an art more than it is a science. Painting the perfect picture takes know-how and a company like EPIC with the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process.


Epic has the opportunity to:

  • Respond quickly to minimize processing time
  • Accurately assess all damages
  • Prepare complete and detailed reports of all the affected property
  • Determine the best, most financially beneficial method for remediation
  • Properly document your claim Ensure compliance with all terms and conditions of the policy
  • Calculate the financial aspects of your loss including business interruption and related extra expenses
  • Make recommendations as to what treatments should be employed in order to remedy the damages
  • Make sure that all policy provisions are met in order to maximize your settlement


On your own, would you be able to calculate, negotiate and deal with your insurance company in order to get every penny you’re entitled to? Our mission is to serve our clients as partners in bringing about a fair and equitable settlement.